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Forum MIDI File Attachments

This page ONLY shows files in the Bug Reports, Help, and Dev updates forums now. It's mostly just a reference for Nicholas now. It's also going to be kept mostly empty too. Files will be erased as problems are solved.

jimhenry (here) 15channels.mid

MostlyHuman (here) 14 - London Bridge.mid

rbtlong (here) 18019_Julias-Piano-Solo.mid quarter note = 80 ticks

blighty (here) 23168_Hes-a-Pirate.mid

TactfulElf (here) 23168_Hes-a-Pirate.mid

MostlyHuman (here) 36-96.Hanon 01.mid

kiwi (here) 7 F SLOW BLUES.MID

Nicholas (here) AllNotes.mid

DC64 (here) ALotOfNotes2.mid Made by aria1121

aria1121 (here) AlmostFinished.mid

DC64 (here) Bohemian Rhapsody.mid

vicentefer31 (here) Bug in Practice Mode.mid

DC64 (here) Bohemian Rhapsody.mid

BenJackson (here) casio_070.mid Casio song bank #070

kiwi (here) combo.mid

Nicholas (here) ChannelTest.mid

vicentefer31 (here) C Major.mid

vicentefer31 (here) cold.mid

Dioscuri (here) CrossYourHeart.mid

SynthFreak (here) d_MD0440.mid short file with decreasing volume at the end

alecjcook (here) deb_clai.mid

Nicholas (here) descending.mid

Dinokaiz2 (here) Dynomite- Taio Cruz.mid

DC64 (here) Deep Cascade.mid

aria1121 (here) Deep Cascade2.mid

siliconmayhem (here) disney - colors of the wind.mid the file in question...

Nicholas (here) Deep Cascade 3.mid

pdms (here) Dream Theater - Awake - 11 - Space-Dye Vest.mid

vicentefer31 (here) Eva.mid

vicentefer31 (here) ExerciseT.mid

Rickeeey (here) Exercise 3.5.mid

Nicholas (here) extreme_key_signatures.mid

ccFuN (here) Europe - The Final Countdown.mid

DC64 (here) Funkytown.mid

aria1121 (here) Fix2.mid

aria1121 (here) Fix3.mid

aria1121 (here) Fix4.mid

DC64 (here) Footloose.mid

woodspock (here) feelrobbiewilliams.mid working one

woodspock (here) feelrobbiewilliams2.mid bad one

Lamuness (here) FF10 Distant Worlds.mid

Typhlosion (here) Gorillaz - Rock The House.mid Example file

Pianotehead (here) Hallelujah.mid

Bendr37 (here) heavenly father loves.mid

Rickeeey (here) Hark! The Herald Angels Sing.mid

woodspock (here) Just_Like_Heaven_(Cure).mid

DC64 (here) Keep Yourself Alive.mid

Zageron (here) Lankey-Fish.mid Practise mode buggy.

Zasuki (here) Love is War.mid This one plays too fast

cheese (here) Layton Iris.mid

DC64 (here) Live and Let Die.mid

DC64 (here) Liebesträume (Dreams of Love) No. 3 (Karl F. Westermann) (Liszt__Nocturne_3b).mid

Zasuki (here) Melt.mid This one plays too slow

DamienBlack (here) Mexican Hat Dance.mid

DC64 (here) Measure skip 1.mid

woodspock (here) M.FARMERr.Libertine k.mid

aria1121 (here) nld001we.mid

Nicholas (here) noBank.mid

Nicholas (here) neither.mid

Nicholas (here) noContlOff.mid

error (here) Overworld.mid Dragon Warrior - Overworld Theme

Nicholas (here) proper80s.mid

tommai78101 (here) PINBALL2.MID An old midi.

Typhlosion (here) Pokemon - Rubin & Saphir - Littleroot Town.mid

Typhlosion (here) rantheme.mid This file is the initiator of the problem

aria1121 (here) RainRD.mid

Zasuki (here) Romeo and Cinderella.mid This one plays the intro fast then the rest is slower

abc (here) Requiem_For_a_Dream.mid

abc (here) Riverflowsinyou.mid

aria1121 (here) Rick Astley - Never Gonna Give You Up.mid

aria1121 (here) Rick Astley - Never Gonna Give You Up HARMONICA.mid

Typhlosion (here) Schnappi.mid This file shows the problem.

Typhlosion (here) Song1.mid Sample File

OSGondar (here) Sonate01_Opus2_1.mid

DamienBlack (here) Sonatina Piccolina.mid

MarsLumograph (here) Super Mario Galaxy - Stardust Road.mid

adamaniac987 (here) test.mid

jimhenry (here) test2.mid

DamienBlack (here) The Ants Go Marching.mid

aria1121 (here) The'Fixed'File.mid

DamienBlack (here) Toccata and Fugue in D minor - intro.mid

Beyonder (here) To aru kagaku no railgun - Only my railgun.mid

Beyonder (here) To aru majutsu no index - PSI-Missing.mid

jeffz (here) untitled.mid testcase

LithiumFun (here) widor_toccata_(c)shattuck.mid

aria1121 (here) Yiruma - Kiss-the-Rain.mid This MIDI is possibly broken.

Coldmiser (here) Yiruma - Kiss the Rain.mid

Dioscuri (here) Yiruma-maybe.mid

Nicholas (here) zeroVolume90.mid

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