Finding New Songs

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Finding New Songs

A nice feature of Synthesia is you can always find new songs to play. Just search or use some of the links below.

If you already found your file and do not know how to load, please refer to the Watched Folders page in the manual to learn how to load your song.


For finding new songs, the easiest method would be to go to Google and type in the name of the song that you wish to learn, followed by the word, "midi".

For example, the song you wish to find is "Bella's Lullaby", then you search "Bella's Lullaby MIDI" on google. Following that, you click on the various links until you can find one which lets you download the MIDI. In my example, the first link would direct you to a page in which you can just click the MIDI, which lets you download.

In some cases, the website may not have a download link.

For example, I may be searching for Chopin's Etude Opus.25 No.9 in Gb Major "Butterfly Etude" and I found a page but when I click on the link, it directs me to a Midi Player. In this case, I would need to right click the link, and select "Save link as..."

If you find a site asking for money for songs, you can usually just close it and find another site. It's usually very easy to find the MIDI you're looking for and you almost never have to use a for-pay site.

List of sites

Plus more links in this forum thread or the Synthesia Midi club

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