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by BitGid
08-28-19 7:32 am
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Topic: Portable keybord for a beginner
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Re: Portable keybord for a beginner

The portability is great, but they're a bit harder to play fast without accidentally fat-fingering stuff, and don't give you as much leverage because you have to have your hands pretty far up toward the top of them to get your thumbs on as well. this also causes harder to control velocity sensitivit...
by BitGid
02-22-18 7:04 am
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Topic: Having issues with a song
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Re: Having issues with a song

Hi. Maybe you will help me. For some reason, I cannot upload MIDI files to my iTunes library. I need to know how to upload the file to iTunes, and steps on how to transfer it over to synthesia. Any help would be greatly appreciated.