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by GeorgeProfenza
10-22-18 1:45 pm
Forum: Modding Synthesia
Topic: Scripting Synthesia
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Scripting Synthesia

Is there any scripting support for Synthesia ? Would would be the easiest way to programmatically trigger it to go into Free Play or Play a Song ? On OSX I can try Apple Script maybe ? I was wondering if there are any other options (some scripting language, command line arguments, etc.) Thank you, G...
by GeorgeProfenza
10-22-18 1:42 pm
Forum: Modding Synthesia
Topic: Arduino RGB strip
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Re: Arduino RGB strip

Nicholas' suggestion is great: Teensy is pretty easy to do MIDI with. Additionally, if you have a Leonardo / Yun or another Atmega 32u4 based micro-controller you can use For Uno you might be able to get away with Hairless MIDI and their MIDI/Serial support softwar...