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by ryanbryandyin
11-19-18 1:34 am
Forum: General
Topic: Keyboard for toddler? Recommendation?
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Re: Keyboard for toddler? Recommendation?

Do you want a MIDI keyboard or a piano? In other words, do you want to hook it up to a computer and have it play any sound you want, or do you want it to play inbuilt sounds? The former might be more tricky technically to set up (though you can get a free copy of Ableton Lite and some Kontakt VST so...
by ryanbryandyin
11-19-18 1:24 am
Forum: Learning to Play Piano
Topic: is there a way to learn complex jazz chord voicings?
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Re: is there a way to learn complex jazz chord voicings?

Jumping on this topic: what's the best source you know to learn more about Jazz theory? I've always struggled with it and would appreciate any course or lesson with a lay approach
by ryanbryandyin
11-16-18 12:11 pm
Forum: MIDI Club
Topic: Better midi sounds
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Re: Better midi sounds

There are "pianos", there are "MIDI controllers", and there are "synthesizers" If your instrument has built in speakers, and it lets you play ONLY the sounds it comes built in with, it's a "piano" If it has speakers AND lets you create sounds of your own, it is a "synthesizer" If it has NO speakers,...
by ryanbryandyin
11-16-18 10:28 am
Forum: MIDI Club
Topic: Tutorials for popular songs :)
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Re: Tutorials for popular songs :)

Enjoyed your Nothing Else Matters cover. Though I'll echo the others on this thread - I don't think people learning to play are your audience.

It does make for a good performance play if you can slice in your own hand movements across the piano while playing it
by ryanbryandyin
11-16-18 10:23 am
Forum: Learning to Play Piano
Topic: Learning piano tips
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Re: Learning piano tips

Hijacking this thread with a related question What resources would you recommend for someone coming from a guitar background and with substantial music theory under his belt? I don't plan to be a professional piano player. I just want to be good enough to play my own melodies (that I compose by hand...