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by Shildrak
03-06-12 6:02 am
Forum: Previous Development Updates
Topic: Synthesia 0.8.3
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Re: Synthesia 0.8.3

Sounds good, Nicholas. Goals/achievements has been my most wanted feature since I bought Synthesia, so very much looking forward to getting my hands on this latest build. Any day now, right? ;)
by Shildrak
01-02-12 1:12 pm
Forum: Learning to Play Piano
Topic: Piano Technique Series for Synthesia
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Re: Piano Technique Series for Synthesia

Thanks a lot for your effort, Electrode.
by Shildrak
10-08-11 2:28 am
Forum: MIDI Club
Topic: A platform for sharing finger hints
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Re: A platform for sharing finger hints

A very big +1 vote for this. I'm enjoying the included songs but the ability to share fingerings (and even songs or links to where to purchase) would propel the usefulness of this software by a huge margin. Actually, I am so desperate for new fingerings I'm going to purchase the lesson package from ...