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by phiktion
12-04-09 5:17 am
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Topic: Kore player + Synthesia (tutorial)
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Kore player + Synthesia (tutorial)

Alright for those of you unfamiliar with Kore Player its a free version of Kore 2 that allows you to play various sound effects through your connected midi device. Its pretty simple to setup, to start with head over to this URL: 1...
by phiktion
12-03-09 11:50 am
Forum: Learning to Play Piano
Topic: Keyrig 45 question
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Keyrig 45 question

I ordered a M audio Keyrig 45 not knowing much about starting to learn piano, I got the L & M course, full version of Synthesia. My question is, is it going to be enough keys to learn most beginner / intermediate pieces or am I going to regret buying it.. I just needed something cheap to start off o...