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Posted: 01-08-21 12:52 pm
by Nicholas
SYNTHESIA 10.7.5556
Download from the pink box above.

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  • Downstems in sheet music
  • Added Japanese, Turkish, and Catalan interface languages
  • All other translations have been brought current
  • Rewrote MIDI input parser to handle interspersed real-time messages
  • Fixed stuck keys on triple-sensor keyboards
  • Color & instrument are saved between Free Play sessions
  • Fixed "Clap" style tempo in Free Play
  • Added (previously hard-coded) white key label color to colors.xml
Down-stems look nice. There are still some situations where they don't look perfect, but I couldn't find any where it's worse than it was before. I had to kind of cheese double-voiced notes on the same staff when they both have beams, for now. There is a creaky, old sheet music infrastructure that is slowly being replaced during each one of these steps. It was never designed for half the complexity that will exist when MusicXML is in, so until a little more flexibility is added, I have to work inside the existing limitations (or try to rewrite the whole thing from scratch which means it would never see the light of day).

Posted: 01-09-21 5:19 am
by Gregor
Hi Nicholas! Thank you very much for including the Catalan translation that I made. I see that you have made modifications to the original translation. To carry out the translation, I took into account the style guide created in SoftcatalĂ  and it was reviewed by the Catalan language standardization department. I have looked over and I have seen several errors in the translation that you have made. If you want to correct it, I will have no problem helping as much as I can.

Thank you very much for your constant work and development of this application ;)

Posted: 01-09-21 12:35 pm
by Nicholas
Gregor wrote: ↑01-09-21 5:19 amI see that you have made modifications to the original translation.
Um, which ones? I don't remember making any modifications.

There were about 70 new/changed language lines since you (and the community member that provided the Thai translation) sent your file in a while back (mostly because I've taken so long between releases). So I just included those lines (and the "app store listing" text) in the order with our translation service, That's unfortunate that you were able to find so many errors. I always choose their highest service level that includes a second translator (in each language) to double-check the first one. Hrm.

It would be very generous of you to help out again. Let me know and I can send you just the subset of text that changed since your first translation.

Posted: 01-09-21 3:26 pm
by Gregor
Hi Nicholas!
Yes, you can pass me the text and I will check it. You can send it to the following email:

Posted: 01-10-21 2:51 pm
by Nicholas
Sent! Thanks again. :)

Posted: 01-12-21 8:34 am
by Mte90
Tested and I have facing some rendering issues.
I am using on Linux with Wine (like also with the stable and the previous dev edition)
IMG_20210111_220419.jpg (846.29 KiB) Viewed 4454 times
IMG_20210111_220528.jpg (842.75 KiB) Viewed 4454 times
IMG_20210111_220626.jpg (819.96 KiB) Viewed 4454 times
IMG_20210111_220819.jpg (783.69 KiB) Viewed 4454 times

Posted: 01-13-21 6:08 pm
by Nicholas
I'd seen that first one (where every correct highlight in green was showing a whole note) before getting the Android version of the same preview out the door (which is technically r5558).

Otherwise... Wine (or your window manager or your display settings) seems to be doing something strange. It almost looks like some kind of "Contrast" setting is way too high.

Do you know if your display scaling is set to something other than 100%? If you open the configuration window (on Linux, start Synthesia with "--on-startup Configuration" on the command line) and change "Graphics.ScaleOverride" to 1, does that improve the display of the sheet music at all?

Posted: 01-16-21 3:31 pm
by Nicholas
SYNTHESIA 10.7.5561
Download from the pink box above.
  • Fixed the "green highlight in the sheet music is always a whole note" bug.
  • Updated Catalan translation. (Thanks Gregor!)
  • Made an attempt at fixing a long-standing Android crash bug for the 4th time.

Posted: 01-18-21 3:10 pm
by Nicholas
SYNTHESIA 10.7.5564
Download from the pink box above.
  • MIDI CC messages with a value of 0 are now ignored by the shortcut system (so MIDI pad shortcuts won't trigger twice for each press).
  • Made an attempt at fixing a long-standing Android crash bug for the 5th time.
I could get used to this "one click to build and deploy a dev preview for all three platforms" thing! It took a long time to get up and running, but it's already paying dividends. It's trivial to make incremental previews and get things in testers' hands more rapidly now.

Posted: 02-05-21 3:10 pm
by Nicholas
SYNTHESIA 10.7.5566 (Android-only)
Download from the pink box above.
  • Made an attempt at fixing a long-standing Android crash bug for the 6th time.
I found a way to reliably reproduce it! If this doesn't fix it outright, it should at least change its behavior. ;)