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Posted: 05-27-11 8:31 pm
by Nicholas
Download from the pink box above.
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Changes in r1256 since r1242:
  • Add finger hint numbers from the new pause mode (shortcut 'N')!
  • Default note label mode is now finger hint numbers. Preferred label mode is no longer lost when switching between Learning Pack authorized songs (demos) and non-authorized songs.
To add finger hints:
1. Press N.
2. Hover over a note.
3. Click-and-drag to fingers.
- or -
3. Press 0-9 on your keyboard.

Known issues:
  • External metadata with finger information isn't read yet.
  • I haven't investigated the problem Lemo followed-up with here yet, so it probably still exists.
Once those two are taken care of (along with anything else you guys find) and I get finger hints in for the 6 demo songs along with the entire G Major set, this is 0.8.1.

Finger Hints: I need your help!
Finger hints should be made available for everyone for the built-in songs! You can help starting with this preview! Here's how:
  1. Reply to this topic and claim a set of songs. (E.g., "All the Keyboard Classics" or "Medium, A through M")
  2. Head over to G Major Music and grab the PDFs (Sheet music "Download" buttons on the various Beginner pages).
  3. Enter the finger hints using the new in-game interface.
  4. Wait for more instructions... soon there will be a way to export them and send them along to me.
  5. Your name is added as a credit line in the readme and I'm eternally grateful! Thanks!
My hope is to get the final 0.8.1 release out in the next couple days, so only sign up to help if you'll be able to finish soon. ;)

Posted: 05-27-11 8:55 pm
by Pianotehead
I'll take 3 - Hard. I'm feeling very capable now! That is if noone has claimed that group, then I can just as well take any other.

Posted: 05-27-11 9:33 pm
by Lemo
Well can't help you guys on that fingering stuff, but I just noticed I'm having a small display bug when launching Synthesia in windowed mode
That only happens with those dev releases, that's why I'm posting here.
I remember seeing somewhere you wanted to remove the always on top thingie, and it's indeed better now, but I'm getting a
"ghost" window frame now. If I move the window around, the frame goes back to place, and I can "erase" the ghost one by
moving a window over it (aka refreshing the screen)
Here is the snapshot:

Posted: 05-27-11 9:46 pm
by Pianotehead
I noticed it too, thought I had estimated the size of the window incorrectly!

Posted: 05-28-11 3:41 am
by TieDyeGuy
I thought I would give fingering a try and love it. Very intuitive and easy gui. I will be traveling and in a conference Tuesday to Friday next week but may be able to finish the level 2 Mediums this weekend.

But I already need some advice. “A Mighty Fortress is Our God” midi does not match the sheet music on ... bies2.html unless I am just off my nut. Let me state again that I have no musical training at all so forgive my weak terminology. To start with the measures start out of sync because of a missing upbeat at the start. Ignoring that, the fourth measure on the sheet has a quarter C note that is missing in the midi, and I want to put a 3 on it. In the eighth measure I believe that the D in the midi is a half instead of a quarter D and a quarter F# as on the sheet music. Another missing C on measure 9 and so forth.

Can a more qualified musician verify my findings? Should I correct the midi to match the sheet music, quantize and then finger it? Or leave the midis that I have questions about for a more qualified musician to recommend fingerings? Should we start another topic specifically for this venture to keep this one dedicated to preview bugs and observations? What do they call that blue stuff that barbers put combs in? :lol:

Oh, and I am getting the ‘ghost frame’ too. But I would be happy with six ghosts and a poltergeist now that we have manual fingering. :mrgreen: :D

Posted: 05-28-11 9:05 am
by Nicholas
Lemo wrote:That only happens with those dev releases...
That makes it sound like it's been happening for more than just this one? Uh oh. hehe.

To narrow it down, if all of you guys that are experiencing it could answer the following:
  1. The screenshot shows DirectX... does it also happen with the OpenGL renderer?
  2. Does it still happen in r1201? (It shouldn't.) How about r1220? (It might.)
  3. Which graphics manufacturer do you have? Intel, Nvidia, or AMD?
  4. Is DirectX up to date? Video drivers up to date?

Posted: 05-28-11 9:31 am
by Pianotehead
I noticed the missing notes with A Mighty Fortress Is Our God. I didn't see there was a missing C in the fourth measure, but the E in the bass clef, same measure, is not in the MIDI. Neither is the F in the fifth measure. An F# in the eight measure according to the sheet is dropped in the MIDI, again an E in measure 9, and an F in the tenth.

The next wrong measure is the 14th, bass clef. F in sheet, D in MIDI. There are more errors, but I'm gonna stop listing them now!

I'm probably not a more qualified musician than TieDyeGuy, but I think the reason the sheet music is out of sync with the MIDI is that there's seems to be no way that MIDIS can tackle pickup notes. The same problem comes up with Auprès de ma Blonde in 3 - hard, but then the pickup notes become whole notes in the MIDI instead of quarter notes in the PDF file.

I believe we should just skip numbering the wrong notes and ask Gilbert de Benedetti to correct the files (we don't know if the sheet or the MIDI are wrong.)

Posted: 05-28-11 10:07 am
by Lemo
Nicholas wrote:That makes it sound like it's been happening for more than just this one?
Yeah I just picked the "dev" train, enough to see that the previous one (1242) was having that issue too.

1.Ogl is fine
2.It happens from r1220 indeed
3.Nvidia (what else? :p)
4.9.0c is fine I guess?

Posted: 05-28-11 10:54 am
by aria1121
Is it weird if the fingering doesn't show if:
- Notenames are on?
- Other notes play at same time at same place?
- There are more MIDI's in the same map with the same name?

Furthermore, where is the data for the fingering stored? Isn't it more logic to automatically switch back to Game Screen from Give Fingering Screen when pressing [N] while it's already key'd as software-keyboardkeymap-key?

Posted: 05-28-11 11:10 am
by TieDyeGuy
Nicholas wrote: To narrow it down,
I hadn’t noticed it until Piantehead and Lemo mentioned it, but I may have always been on Open GL until recently.

1 DirectX only
2 r1201 no ghost frame, r1220 I see ghosts.
3 frickin’ ATI Radeon X600
4 directX 9.0c (4.09.0000.0904) and Video up to date.

All on an XP Pro Dell Optiplex GX620
Pianotehead wrote: I didn't see there was a missing C in the fourth measure, but the E in the bass clef
I believe we should just skip numbering the wrong notes and ask Gilbert de Benedetti to correct the files (we don't know if the sheet or the MIDI are wrong.)
Thanks for confirming that, Pianotehead. C, E, whatever, I told you I am terrible at reading music.
So I will just go with your suggestion of skipping numbering where there are conflicts unless I hear otherwise.

Posted: 05-28-11 12:57 pm
by Zaeleus
I'll do the finger hints for "0.0 - First Pieces."

Posted: 05-28-11 3:03 pm
by jimhenry
I've started a topic under MIDI Club for tracking the fingering of the songs included with Synthesia:

Unless someone can think of a reason not to, I would suggest that the above topic be used to coordinate efforts to add fingering.

Posted: 05-28-11 4:36 pm
by vicentefer31
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Posted: 05-28-11 5:23 pm
by DC64
If im right, so far
- Pianotehead has 3 - Hard,
- TieDyeGuy has 2 - Medium
- Zaeleus has 0.0 - First Pieces

I think all that is left is 4 - Hard, 1 - Easy, 0.1 - Primer Level
I will be willing to .01 if this is not due in the next 10 minuts.

Posted: 05-28-11 5:33 pm
by Zaeleus
DC64 wrote:I will be willing to .01 if this is not due in the next 10 minuts.
I just finished Primer.

Posted: 05-28-11 5:47 pm
by DC64
How about 4?
I call that.

Posted: 05-28-11 7:20 pm
by jimhenry
If it is not too difficult, it would be nice to suppress the fingering on notes that are outside of the range of the user's keyboard, regardless of whether they are shifted into range or played by Synthesia. It would also be nice to dim the notes that are out of range so it is easier to stay oriented on a small keyboard.

Posted: 05-28-11 11:41 pm
by TieDyeGuy
Outstanding interface for adding fingering, Nicholas! I don't know how it could be made more intuitive.

I have never felt more confident that I will be able to learn to actually play piano. I have been stalling any serious efforts in anticipation of this day. Now I have to travel across the country for a conference and won’t really get to play for a week and it is killing me. So I am using the time I have before I leave to add fingering to all of my other midis. It is just a shame that I cannot share that work with others due to copyrights. But you have made it easy enough that any work I do will be no trouble for others to reproduce.

Thank you just doesn't seem to cover it.

Posted: 05-29-11 12:15 pm
by Nicholas
Updated Metadata Editor: info here.

Posted: 05-29-11 4:15 pm
by Lemo
TieDyeGuy wrote:It is just a shame that I cannot share that work with others due to copyrights.
I don't think the fingering itself is concerned by copyright?
Later it may be good idea to have a place to share fingerings for other songs indeed.
One would just have to write the exact size (or hash code) for that song, so others can check if they have the same version.
(without involving any download or copyrighted link in the process)