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Post by johand »

Well the keyboard was not recognized by my Nexus 7 tablet (it was with my laptop). It is a Yamaha PSR S910.
Can i test MIDI files with "another" program, if the piano part would suit me to learn the song?
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Post by Nicholas »

Do you remember if your S910 required a driver to be installed on your laptop? That's a tricky situation on Android because there aren't really drivers. If the device isn't a class-complaint MIDI device, there isn't a great way to talk to it.

Worse: Android leaves a lot of things up to the app developer. We actually have to include our own class-complaint driver inside Synthesia (we're interpreting the data bytes coming right off the USB cable). So the keyboard working or not working in a different app would only mean they brought a different driver with them.

That said, in just the past week we've heard from more high-end Yamaha users about their keyboards not working on Android that I've contacted Yamaha for more information to see if we can't adopt our class-compliant driver to be more of a class+Yamaha compliant driver. :D If they don't respond, there might be some reverse-engineering in my future.
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Post by johand »

Yes on my laptop i needed to install a Yamaha driver in order Synthesia to recognize my Keyboard ... t_id=37206
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Post by shikamaru »

Hi Nicholas,

I just downloaded Synthesia for Android, and I connected my Roland UA-4FX with an OTG cable. So far, so good, the card seems to be recognized, and it should be since the drivers have been in the linux kernel for a long time. But here’s the catch :

I use 30 year old keyboards, namely a Yamaha DX7 and a Roland D-20. Both don’t have USB of course, but they have MIDI and my soundcard has midi inputs. Is there any way to get Synthesia for Android to work with them ?

Thanks in advance !

[EDIT] nevermind it works out of the box, just had to go into the settings ! Awesome !