10.1 Preview r3293 - Critical bug fixes

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Download from the pink box above.

  • Added Dutch user-interface language support (community translation by MartijnHoekstra from the forums).
  • When changing track colors, an X is now shown on the gray "hidden" entry to distinguish it from the other colors.
  • Performance results were sometimes being sent to the wrong scoreboards. (Thanks Raymond!)
  • Transitions between screens would sometimes get stuck on the previous screen. (Thanks... everyone!)
  • Loops would sometimes hang at the end, after the first time through. (Thanks Ecuadorian!)
  • MIDI events sent immediately after a reset (between screens) were sometimes lost. (Thanks mhoppespink!)
  • Suppressed a crash in anonymous performance upload.
  • Resetting a percussion track now automatically hides it once again. (I found this one. :lol: )
I'm not 100% sure the transition bug is fixed, but I did... something to it, so maybe the behavior will be different now? Let me know!

There are still a few more tablet bugs to fix, but this covers the biggest stuff. Hopefully everyone will be able to confirm these fixes and this can go out the door sooner rather than later. Thanks for all the help, everyone!
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Is this the final 10.1 ?
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Nope. But the 10.1 that you are looking for will be called 10.2 now. Too many critical fixes that need to happen right now, across all the platforms for this to not be an official release.

The label improvements and a few other small features (like loop delay set in beats instead of milliseconds) will now be 10.2 because of the name shimmy. It's the same thing though. I don't like to give dates, but I am expecting 10.2 to be finished before the end of January, just like before. That's versus 10.1 being finished before the end of December!