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Postby wacher » 01-14-18 3:42 am

Saving before the graphics tear down would... sort of be a workaround. It would still crash.

Maybe you are right but at least my progress, last played items, etc would be saved. Now nothing, none of these are saved.

Maybe the problem will simply be fixed in the next Windows 10 build?

Maybe yes maybe not.
I think Synthesia is a great but special program used by few people, not millions, I think. If something is wrong at Microsoft side AND this bug(?) is affects very few programs then Microsoft won't know about it. Or the known bug fixed with very low priority...
This is a main reason for workaround (but I really don't understand why depend file writing and graphics action on each other.... Please swap them ;) )

Do you have any better luck exiting Synthesia while running that build?

No, the problem still exists. Here is a new dump if you need one.
Synthesia r4395 Crash.dmp
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Postby Nicholas » 01-18-18 10:39 am

After finally getting an Insider build up and running on our Win10 box, I was able to reproduce the problem. I've found and fixed it. We were doing something incorrect -- releasing our OpenGL resources in an... unexpected order :? -- that older versions of Windows seemed to have tolerated until now. Apparently the newest builds don't anymore.

That fix will appear in the next development preview. Sorry for the inconvenience! Thanks again for all of your help tracking this down.
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Postby wacher » 01-18-18 6:05 pm

Oh that is a really great news!
When will be available the next dev build?
My Synthesia don't remember anything since 4 weeks. No progress, no last played title, no settings for my digital piano, I have to make lot of settings by hand every evening :(
But anyway I'm glad to hear you find solution.
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Postby Nicholas » 01-20-18 4:29 am

I'm actually considering an early one in the next week or so, just because of this critical bug. (Keep your eye on this section of the forums.)
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Postby wacher » 01-28-18 7:30 pm

Nicholas, please, my eyes are tired of keeping :)
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Postby Nicholas » 01-29-18 9:26 pm

I was hoping to sneak a few more fixes in first, but you are right! Done.
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Postby Nicholas » 03-06-18 4:08 am

It looks like Microsoft may have listened to my feedback ( :o ) and fixed the crash. Could you try Insider build 17112 (or later) with the official 10.4 release to see if it's fixed on your machine, too, wacher?
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