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Post by Nicholas » 03-09-18 3:31 am

Weird. I got rid of them. Sorry! I didn't realize that feature of the forum was incompatible in some browsers.

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Post by Isaackv » 03-09-18 12:19 pm

No, Windows10

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Post by Nicholas » 03-11-18 12:48 am

Which browser? I just tried Edge and Chrome in Windows 10 and was able to expand spoiler tags without any trouble.

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Post by wacher » 04-06-18 5:54 pm

Hello Nicholas,
Do you plan publishing of a new preview in the near future?

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Post by Nicholas » 04-12-18 4:19 pm

I've been mired in lots of Android work recently, so I might push a new Android beta soon.

After that is the new Bass-based synth work, which is the bulk of the remaining 10.5 work.

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Post by revilo2 » 04-13-18 4:32 am

synthesia 11 is down ?

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Post by Nicholas » 04-13-18 5:31 am

What did you mean? Synthesia 10.5 is a "quick" update to address some hardware/vendor stuff that has popped up since 10.4 went out. (Notably: working around Microsoft's unreliable new MIDI framework in Windows 10 and adding support for the Piano Hi-Lite... which implies finally adding Bluetooth on Android.)

Work on Synthesia 11 resumes immediately afterward.