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Posted: 08-12-19 1:37 pm
by Isaackv
Hello Nicholas,

Thanks a lot I took away the two files and it worked. Had then copied my original despondency into the DEV and that worked too.
With the continuous notes is really absolutely great. The focus on the next line, when the line has been played to the end, he gets not yet.
In any case many thanks

Greetings, Karsten

Posted: 09-03-19 2:48 pm
by Magic73
No iOS version yet... :( :(

Posted: 09-03-19 3:14 pm
by Nicholas
Correct. It's still two development previews away.

Posted: 11-26-19 4:23 pm
by miek
Hello, I think that there is another tiny bug (or is there?) between sheet music and the falling notes:

The sheet music is showing me to play a D chord, but the falling notes show that unless I play the Ab chord it won't move on. The sheet music is not quite tied to the falling notes. I have to look at the falling notes to work out which keys to press rather than what is shown on the sheet music.
EDIT: (sorry see attachments below...) :?

There are loads of voices on this MIDI but I have only enabled one voice for the right hand. The MIDI on the 'SynthStrings1' seems to be slightly out of alignment (for want of a better phrase) - there does seem to be a tiny overlap on the notes with the horizontal grid line.

Can Synthesia have a bit of a tolerance for this type of discrepancy? Or will it encourage / allow timing mistakes so instead we should slghtly adjust the MIDI file so that the notes are aligned?

Posted: 11-27-19 5:35 am
by Nicholas
(It looks like the screenshot didn't make it. Instead of dragging it in, check the "Attachments" tab down below the reply box and click "Add files".)

Posted: 11-27-19 3:49 pm
by miek
at 41.9
It is showing me a D chord on the sheet music, but the falling notes show it wants the chord after (Ab chord)
Synthesia.JPG (159.41 KiB) Viewed 2537 times

also at 1.50
but here it shows on the sheet a Ab chord but it wants to hear a Bb chord
Synthesia2.JPG (164.31 KiB) Viewed 2537 times
Thanks :)

Posted: 11-27-19 5:53 pm
by Nicholas
Ah ha, I see what you mean now about being "slightly out of alignment". Having everything lined up correctly to the beats in a MIDI file is called "quantization". It looks like that song isn't properly quantized, so some of the notes are starting before the measure they really belong to.

The bad news is that today the sheet display is very(!) sensitive to good quantization, so that explains what you're seeing in both screenshots.

Most MIDI editors have a way to adjust things so they line up with the measures. (This is natural in editors where you can record live input, which is always a little early/late like this.) If you bulk adjust things in an editor and re-save as a new MIDI, that should show up without the problems in Synthesia.