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Posted: 09-29-19 6:20 am
by Nicholas
SYNTHESIA 10.6.5311-5239
Download from the pink box above the main download page.

  • New Features
  • Moved the loop error auto-restart slider right to the play screen (while in loop edit mode).
  • Added a "Restart Loop" shortcut that will jump to the start of your loop immediately. Backspace by default.
  • You can now drag-drop MIDI files right onto the app window to immediately load them. (Be careful, there isn't a "progress will be lost" warning yet if you're in the middle of a song. If this sounds scary, you can disable drag-drop using the "System.DragDrop" advanced setting in the configuration window.)

  • The amount of lead-in time is now adjusted based the song's speed.
  • A little of the optimization work to start making the frame hiccups go away.
There isn't a lot here that is new since the last preview. I just had to make an emergency release because iPadOS 13 broke opening external files, and by temporarily disabling all the new song recording code, this felt like a pretty stable place to finally make a real release. The full-screen sheet music is still pretty rough (that was going to be the final 10.6 dev preview after the song recording stuff), but it should be safe enough until the next release.

Posted: 10-01-19 7:44 am
by Magic73
does have the ios version the full screen notation?

just read the ios release notes :)
I love you :)

again, if you need a iOS beta tester… just ask :)

Posted: 10-03-19 3:36 am
by Nicholas
Known new issues (so far) in 10.6:
  • Fixed in 10.6.5320! Mac: periodic/random crash. Workaround: disable "System.JamboxxEnabled" advanced setting.
  • Fixed in 10.6.5327! Mac: Consistent crash when the app is closed on some machines.
  • Fixed in 10.6.5329! Mac: Crash on "Bluetooth Settings" click (for a different reason than the next line). :lol:
  • Fixed! iPad: Tapping "Bluetooth Settings" crashes the app on iPadOS 13.
  • Fixed! iPad: Sometimes (not sure when/how/why yet), the display size/shape/orientation will change to a small, incorrectly-rotated rectangle in the top-right corner.
  • Fixed! iPad: For several versions now, the most frequent crashes (by a mile) have been deep in Apple's MIDI synth code. If an iOS update fixes one, it breaks two more. So, I just tried the BASS-based synth and it worked flawless on the first try, all without a single line(!) of code changed. Hopefully that will clean most of those crashes up. It will replace the old synth in the next update.
There are usually breaking changes in new OS updates, but Apple seems to have really gone out of their way this time! :? (Recall: the reason for the rushed Synthesia 10.6 update was because of a different breaking change we found out about early.)

As you might imagine, there will probably be a 10.6.1 update for iOS soon. ;)

Posted: 10-08-19 12:18 pm
by J. Baker
Very nice!

Can I get a download link to Android version besides Google?


Posted: 10-10-19 3:08 am
by Nicholas
Sorry, I've been meaning to get the automatic upload of an APK to our servers added to our build process so it wouldn't require a manual step after a request.

In the meantime, here is a download link for this one: Synthesia 10.6.5311 for Android.
EDIT: Automatically-updated APK link now in the pink box at the top of the page, too!

Posted: 10-10-19 9:02 am
by J. Baker
Thank you very much Nicholas! :D

Posted: 10-10-19 9:41 am
by J. Baker
Just wanted to let you know, this version works great on the Kindle Fire 8 HD, as well. I haven't tested every feature but I haven't had any issues. Played Fur Elise and a couple others just fine. Love this app! ;)

Posted: 10-10-19 11:02 am
by Nicholas
That's good to hear! I actually use a few different generations of Kindle Fire to test the Android version against internally. They're impressive little tablets for how little they cost.

I've considered a Kindle Store release... but I might be at my limit for how many different, wacky, broken platforms Synthesia can be spread across. (I just reflected a couple hours ago that the last seven emails I answered all included a line like "Sorry, that's a new bug caused by [giant company X]'s most recent OS update". It's practically a full-time job just keeping up with the moving target imposed by all the "major players". But I digress...)

Thanks again for the confirmation!

Posted: 10-11-19 9:16 am
by J. Baker
As a developer myself, I understand. Too many operating systems and just too many options. I'm just happy that you offered an alternative download link beside Google.

One thing besides the price that I like about the Kindle Fire tablets is, they have stuck with a version of Android OS and only have done minor updates. No major releases means no apps breaking or no longer working. That's one thing I can not stand about iOS. Apple will do a major update and say, your device is no longer supported. My wife has an Apple tablet and phone that can no longer update. Developers write that it needs the latest version in their plist and bam! That app no longer works on your device. Yeah, she got a few years out of them but what a waste.

Anyways, thanks again!

Posted: 12-05-19 2:36 pm
by Nicholas
SYNTHESIA 10.6.5369
Download from the pink box above the main download page.

  • Windows download is about half the size.
  • Increased volume of Acoustic Grand Piano in the built-in SoundFont to match the other instruments.
  • Settings --> Gameplay --> Silence on Pause.
  • Fixed HiDPI on Windows 10.
  • Fixed ~10 more small bugs and performance hotspots.
This was more a test of the new build server auto-deployment than anything else. It's been many years coming, but I can now push official Win/Mac releases out the door in a single click. Soon that will include all four platforms and automate even more steps from the checklist. When it's a single click instead of an hour of following a detailed checklist, I'm much more likely to release things a little more frequently. Even better, it's nearly ready to be able to push development previews, too. (With a development team size that rounds to 1, I've been learning over and over again that automating everything is the only way to have time left over to get any work done!)

Posted: 12-06-19 2:40 am
by revilo2

news of the sheet music ?

Posted: 12-06-19 8:40 am
by J. Baker
Thanks Nicholas! :D

Posted: 12-06-19 8:42 am
by Nicholas
Again, this is kind of a micro-release that only fixes a few bugs. I'm sorry there isn't anything big or exciting here.

Like I mentioned in the last status update, 10.7 is going to add down stems to the sheet music.

A single new sheet music feature each point release is the way these things might finally get finished, according to my recent change in development philosophy.

Posted: 12-09-19 2:28 am
by revilo2
Thanks Nicholas,

Is "fingering on sheet music" scheduled in 10.7 ?

I'm waiting for this function for years now :)
As for me, it's one of the most important functions in order to learn the piano...

Posted: 12-09-19 2:50 pm
by Nicholas
10.7 is down stems. One sheet music feature per small update. :)

Looking at the list, I have the next couple scheduled already, but after that, there is an entry that says:
Pick one:
- Sheet: finger hints
- Sheet: In 3/4 time, whole-measure-long-notes should appear as dotted halfs and not whole notes
- Sheet: Measure numbers at the start of each system
- Sheet: Per-system staff selection
- Sheet: Enable 32nd notes
- Sheet: Better beams
I'm guessing you'd probably like me to pick the first one. :lol:

Posted: 12-09-19 3:45 pm
by spstarr
hmm, how much work would it to be to add lettering on music sheets for us poor folks still learning how to read notation :)

Posted: 12-09-19 10:47 pm
by Nicholas
Since we switched over to (musical) font based rendering in the sheet music (a couple years ago at this point), the possibilities have opened up pretty wide. The font we're using actually include a variation on the note heads that includes letters right inside them. Think something like this.

I have a couple notes (much further down the list) about how we might use those glyphs, but compared to all of the other vital missing sheet music features, this one is unfortunately not one of the top priorities. That said, Synthesia is definitely aimed at newer players, so maybe I should reconsider this one...

Posted: 12-10-19 10:26 am
by spstarr
That would be great, even if not top priority if it's in the list official features.

Posted: 12-13-19 12:31 am
by Nicholas
Progress Update!

Android auto-deployment is up now, too, including automatically publishing the APK to the site in addition to Google Play. I haven't updated the website to always link to the latest one anywhere yet, but until I do, you can manipulate the revision number in this link to get it: Synthesia-r5379.apk

(This APK will usually hit about a day or two before "real" Android beta now that Google has started "tak[ing] more time to thoroughly review your app". Although you'll have to enable installing APKs from "unknown sources" or whatever. In any event, it's the best option for devices that don't have Google Play installed like Kindle Fire tablets.)

EDIT: Automatically-updated APK link now in the pink box at the top of the page, too!

Posted: 12-18-19 5:31 pm
by Nicholas
SYNTHESIA 10.6.5383
Download from the pink box above the main download page

  • Support for Casio's Casiotone LK-S250 keyboard's key lights!
  • Sending SysEx messages on macOS and iOS devices should no longer cause MIDI output to jitter up to 50ms.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur if you exited the app too quickly right after starting it.
  • Fixed a (very new) Android crash when a MIDI device is connected while Synthesia is running in the background.
Casio made their new model use proprietary MIDI messages so their own Synthesia clone app could use the key lights but Synthesia couldn't. We can't have that, now can we? :lol: