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Posted: 07-08-21 1:01 pm
by Zenoskip

I have been using Synthesia for years now, along the way discovering many midi sources to fuel my learning.

Keep in mind these are all classical - romantic - early modern composers.

First off I’d like to recommend This website features thousands of piano rolls converted into midi. You can watch and learn from Debussy playing his own works. The worlds most renowned pianists at the time playing great music. It costs money, but it was money well spent.

Next is my reliable source, just go to the midi section and there are thousands. All free! which I use when classicalarchives does not have something, 5 daily download limit like classicalarchives.

Finally a somewhat unique way of acquiring midi is
A competition where people play and present midis for judges. Every midi is archived for download (mistakes and all, however).

You could also try what I did, sheet music converted to midi, but that is unreliable most of the time. I’m hoping there is an AI developed transcriber some day.

Hope this helps anyone who like me, uses synthesia to learn the piano.