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Post by aria1121 » 01-12-11 12:44 am

Hi all!

Here in this topic I will post my (not all are mine) MIDI's, because I don't like it to create a topic for every MIDI I post. Search thru, and I'll try to find an video of it on YouTube too, so you can decide to download before hearing it by downloading it.

- aria1121

Edit Whoa, over 100 downloads, thanks guys!
Edit2 Gonna combine them all into one post, responses to this collection of MIDI's welcome, but note that it won't show if there are new MIDI's added because its an edit everytime.
Edit3 We reached the 500 downloads! Thanks!
Edit4 625 downloads!

Pachelbel - Canon in D for piano

I made all files in the ZIP with MuseScore. Now I also start adding *.ly (Lilypond) files, so you can mess with it for better PDF's. No PDF this time, I had some trouble making the sheets; I couldn't hide the rests easily since it was quite hard finding out how to add notes on a specific way. But the MIDI works fine, and it is easy to play.

Some Rights Reserved
Pachelbel - Canon in D
(19.24 KiB) Downloaded 353 times
I also didn't add fingerings, find them out yourself, it's quite easy.

Copyright Info
I found some pages where it was on written, so I enter'd it in MuseScore and edited some. There was no copyright info and such things written on it. I've checked and it's not against the general copyright rules.

J. Ph. Rameau - Gavotte

I made all files in the ZIP with MuseScore.

Some Rights Reserved
J. Ph. Rameau -
(44.59 KiB) Downloaded 218 times
Also added PDF and .mscx, where I've put the fingerings in. (XML also included)
Edit This work was originally made for harpsichord.

J. Ph. Rameau - Gavotte is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

John Stump - Fairies Aire and Death Waltz

What is this- I don't even... This is complete Overkill 9000!
It's called Death Waltz (not sure) by John Stump (not sure too). It is harder than Circus Galop and Hare Hare Yukai. It's even so impossible that Synthesia may eventually crash. You can download the MIDI from the link. Note that it is in Japanese.
John Stump - Fairies Aire and Death Waltz.mid
(173.43 KiB) Downloaded 328 times
Alternate download:
Download here.
Doesn't the link work? Goto here. In the centre of the page type in kitiku and the click the filename-button underneath. Then you get redirected to a confirmation-page; click on <ダウンロードする | click here to start download. > to download.
Still doesn't work? Post or PM me that the links don't work, then I will upload it. I havn't uploaded (yet) because I don't know if it's copyrighted.

Edit It did MAMPlayer crash! :lol:
Edit2 To run it properly (Without freezing/crashing) run Synthesia in DirectX and without labels on notes and keys, in windowed mode @ 1200x600 (If possible). So it will run at approx. 20FPS instead 4.
Edit3 Here a video of playing it on YT:

Edit4 I posted the MIDI, because maybe it's a little hard to navigate thru that site. I didn't found anything of copyright in the MIDI!
Edit5 It looks like it isn't really a 'waltz' because it looks like its in 4/4
Edit6 Maybe the MIDI is set wrong. But hey, people say that this song is a remix of 'U.N. Owen Was Her?' But in fact they copied it from this MIDI. The MIDI was written as a joke, and the creators didn't suppose that anyone will ever play it (If I citated right). And here I found a remix of this:
Jean-Baptiste Duvernoy - Elementary Studies Opus 176

Hear another MIDI I made in MuseScore. This time one of Duvernoy's works. I copyrighted it and added it in the Zip. It also contains the uncompressed MuseScore file, and the PDF. It was for me a bit hard to use to place the crescendo (<) and the diminuendo (>) signs, but please don't blame me for that. The dynamics in the MIDI may be some 'extreme' but you can adjust that in Anvil Studio for yourself.
Duvernoy - Opus
(42.62 KiB) Downloaded 171 times
Jean-Baptiste Duvernoy - Opus 176 is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

Edit Yeah, I used the real note velocity values. (Source)

Modest Musorgsky - Bilder Einer Ausstellung (Transpored to C Major)

This is just the demo of MuseScore. Because it was a bit hard how it was, I transpored it to C, to make it easier to play. While I still recommend the original one more because this isn't so beutiful as Bbm. Enjoy.

This zip contains the MIDI, MuseScore file, PDF and MusicXML.
Musorgsky - Bilder Einer Ausstellung in
(50.96 KiB) Downloaded 171 times
Copyright Info
The original work was made in 1874 by Modest Musorgsky (also written as Moussorgsky). This is also the demo of MuseScore, where I transpored it. It is not copyrighted, and I won't copyright it, so it is free for any kind of usage, since everyone can make it.

Mozart - Twelve Variations on Ah vous dirai-je, Maman (K. 265)

Here yet another MIDI file, where you can say "Dude, why in the world did you transcribe it to MIDI? What now?" but it's beautiful in Synthesia. And you've very like heard of it. Its much easier to play this in Synthesia.
It's a song of Mozart, where there are made twelve variations of it (K265 or aka 300e). I hope you enjoy playing along (some parts are easy enough), but see where you'll end. (See on Wikipedia)

So here the ZIP which contains the MIDI, nothing else. Copyright Info
Source unknown. Further composition information is at the Wikipedia. I didn't find any kind of copyright in the MIDI, which makes it free to use for all, but most-likely categorized as copyrighting in the CC-section.

See it on YouTube:

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