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Post by Babygirl100000 » 12-21-15 3:10 pm

Does anyone know a good and simple midi editor for the mac? I just want to spit the hands on a lot of one track songs but all the editors are for windows and not mac. Please help me if you know one!

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Post by Pianotehead » 12-21-15 4:35 pm

Musescore runs on Mac, though I don't know how simple it is, since I've not used it much, and when I had it, it was on a Windows PC.

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Post by jimhenry » 12-21-15 7:10 pm

You can split the hands in Synthesia now.
Jim Henry
Author of the Miditzer, a free virtual theatre pipe organ

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Post by Babygirl100000 » 12-22-15 8:58 pm

How do you do it in Synthesia? I thought that was just a different thing.

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Post by Babygirl100000 » 12-22-15 10:02 pm

Oh! I figured it out. Thanks for the help!

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