Tutorials for popular songs :)

Share your original or public domain compositions here!
Request popular music with the suggestion form on the music store, not here!

All MIDI attachments must be one of the following:
  • Your own, original work submitted under some license that permits free private use (I recommend public domain or Creative Commons).
  • Adapted from works created prior to 1923. This goes for both the composition and arrangement. This means you cannot post MIDI versions of recent songs.
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Post by James629 » 01-14-17 8:47 am

Hey there,

I am starting a youtube channel where i create Synthesia tutorials for popular songs (e.g. Faded by Alan Walker or Rockabye by Clean Bandit).

You can even request songs for which i will then create a tutorial (easy or advanced depends on your choice of difficulty level)

I would really appreciate it if some of you would give my channel a visit :)

https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGaIOw ... i1iXP8y83A

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Post by cmplays » 01-14-17 10:04 pm

I'm all for tutorials, but I'm not sure what to do with format. I thought a Synthesia tutorial is basically a MIDI file that you can try playing yourself. What do I do with a Youtube video of something being played automatically? Am I missing the download link somewhere?

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Post by James629 » 01-15-17 2:39 pm

Since most people watching those videos don't own synthesia they usually just watch the video and try playing along.
That's the reason i am always offering a slow version.
If someone writes me a message though i can send him the midi file :)

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Post by cmplays » 01-16-17 12:16 pm

Ah, then it's awesome.

Although, tbh, I find it incredible that people would actually try to play along with a video. I'd imagine it's easier to just play from sheet music.

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Post by James629 » 01-17-17 1:52 pm

Watching those videos is the way i learned playing the piano :D
As a result i can not really read sheet music but play songs just by listening to them.
That's the reason I am now creating those videos myself :)

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Post by radu » 03-05-18 10:03 am

Hi James, I am a complete beginner, would you please send me the midi file for the "nothing else matters video" you have posted on Youtube?
Would I then be able to learn it using Synthesia (only bought it like a couple of days ago as well)? I mean learn the right and then left hand and so on?

Thank you!

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Post by ryanbryandyin » 11-16-18 10:28 am

Enjoyed your Nothing Else Matters cover. Though I'll echo the others on this thread - I don't think people learning to play are your audience.

It does make for a good performance play if you can slice in your own hand movements across the piano while playing it

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