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Using a Webcam

PostPosted: 01-06-18 12:19 pm
by RobertM
I've use synthesia on a Windows 10 Laptop, using USB it's connected to a Yamaha MG10XU Mixer, I have a pair of active speakers connected into the mixer, my Yamaha and Roland Keyboard, I have my webcam connected to my computer

I've been trying to video myself playing so I can watch them back and learn by my mistakes, I can either get the song to play or just the keyboards not both, when I can get both one overpowers the other and the volume has no effect

How to others record themselves playing

Many thanks for your help

Re: Using a Webcam

PostPosted: 01-06-18 11:14 pm
by Nicholas
I've never done it myself, but I'm pretty sure this is the most popular method:

For people creating Synthesia "tutorial" videos is to record footage of their playing at the same time they record a MIDI file through some other piece of music software. Then, separately, afterward, they will run that MIDI file through Synthesia and screen capture it (or simply run it through the Synthesia Video Creator). After that, you can use video editing software to combine the two videos.

That doesn't help much for your use case where you're still learning and you'd like to see video of your hands while actually using Synthesia.