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Good Old Sheets

Posted: 06-10-18 1:01 pm
by vojtahrab
Hi there,

I'm new here. I just started a new Youtube channel few days ago and like to introduce it to you: ... j_SetKEAYg
I'm beginner, so if you have any recommendations I would be glad to hear them. I'm going to focus on older songs from 30's to 80's, because I love old music.
I always put link to free sheets. If you have any wishes for songs i will definitely think about them.
Thanks for attention.

Re: Good Old Sheets

Posted: 08-23-18 7:33 am
by revilo2

no midi ?

Re: Good Old Sheets

Posted: 02-16-19 5:36 am
by Pianoforever
Good Old Sheets
I like it... :)