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Post by mta » 03-06-20 5:54 am

I have put the xml files in the data folder but I do not see any changes to the UI

#1. how do I know if synthesia is reading the xml files.
#2. is the data directory for synthesia the same for both the prod and dev versions
#3. What is the synthesia configuration tool?


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Post by Nicholas » 03-06-20 1:53 pm

1. Which XML files? What are you trying to mod?

2. No. On Windows, official releases: "shell:appdata\Synthesia" and dev releases: "shell:appdata\SynthesiaDev" (You can type those into a Win+R "Run..." dialog and it'll open the folder directly.)

3. Hold your Shift key while launching the app. That should show a different window than usual. The "Open Data Folder" button there will do the same as the instructions in #2.

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