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Walter Silva
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Post by Walter Silva » 05-04-20 2:23 pm

It would be very interesting, if Synthesia had support for vsti's plugins, has anyone thought about how to work this in synthesia? :)

for example, I make use of Kontakt sounds but for that I have to cancel the Synthesia sound, and open kontakt in other software.

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Post by Gregor » 05-04-20 4:08 pm

It is possible to do it, in this link it tells you how ;) ... same_time/

Midi loop page link:

Steps to follow:
1- Install Loop Midi port
2- Activate audio output in Synthesia to LoopMidi port
3- Configure entry in Kontakt to Loop Midi port
Activate loop midi port in Kontakt
Kontakt.jpg (129.72 KiB) Viewed 2918 times
Activate loop midi port on Synthesia
Synthesia.jpg (81.13 KiB) Viewed 2918 times
Install Loop Midi, run it and click on the + symbol
LoopMidi.jpg (21.14 KiB) Viewed 2918 times

Walter Silva
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Post by Walter Silva » 05-14-20 2:28 pm

I think this works with the Windows operating system, any other way for OSX?

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Post by Nicholas » 06-10-20 6:09 am

Mac has a MIDI "loop back" driver built in: the IAC Driver. That should be able to solve the problem the same way that Gregor showed on the Windows side.

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