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Posted: 09-16-21 10:43 am
by bestword57

I've downloaded and installed the Metadata Editor and run it on a single song (after "importing settings from Synthesia").

I've transferred the midi file and the .synthesia file to a new computer. When I open the imported file (with accompanying .synthesia file) I do not see the hand and finger hinds I had configured in the original.

I am unable to transfer hand and finger hints to the new machine. I'm pretty sure there's something I'm not doing right to get it to work.



Posted: 09-17-21 2:20 pm
by Nicholas
Hmm, after the import, do you see those fields in the editor filled in with data? (The finger hints box should have lots of numbers, etc.)

If you're going from a PC/Mac to another PC/Mac, the easiest solution might be to simply copy Synthesia's whole data folder over.

Posted: 09-20-21 9:07 pm
by bestword57
Yes, I do see those finger hints associated with the .midi file (on the new machine within metadata editor), but however, when I play the title in Synthesia, I do not see the hand and finger hints when I go to "Hands, Colors and Instruments" to view the resulting configuration.

My IT mind is coming into play: That same file name (with unique identifier) was played on the new machine prior to importing the hand and finger hints with the .synthesia file. I'm wondering if it didn't take and store that info (all right hand info in this case) and won't let go of this info in its database causing the issue. I'm wondering if editing an .xml file or something might be the solution.

Posted: 09-21-21 9:33 am
by Nicholas
bestword57 wrote: 09-20-21 9:07 pmThat same file name (with unique identifier) was played on the new machine prior to importing the hand and finger hints with the .synthesia file...
This is good intuition. There is definitely a hierarchy of metadata that comes into play.

Built-in metadata is applied first. Anything found in .synthesia files overrides that. And finally, locally-made changes that you've done yourself are given the highest priority. Still, that last part should only happen if you made any finger hint changes yourself. Nothing will be stored if the current, local state matches the best-resolved metadata (which is the primary mechanism for the system working in the first place). Hmm.

Posted: 09-22-21 10:26 pm
by bestword57
Based on what you're saying about the hierarchy, maybe a bug in the Metadata Editor's current version? I'm running Windows 10 so using that somewhat older version of Metadata Editor...

Great product BTW.

Posted: 09-22-21 11:17 pm
by bestword57
I just copied the "App Data" folder and it's working now as we thought it would, however, I have always endeavored to try to arrive at some sort of "root cause" if at all possible.

Posted: 09-23-21 1:24 pm
by Nicholas
Hmm, I'm afraid I'm not sure which "somewhat older version" you have to use because of Windows 10. All of them should be compatible with Win10. (And, I don't recall any bugs or backwards-compatibility problems that might have been in older versions of the Metadata Editor that would have caused this sort of trouble either, excepting the oldest versions that didn't even know about finger hints yet.)

Which version are you using? And did you have trouble with the latest Metadata Editor on Windows 10?