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Posted: 01-25-22 3:54 am
by levidecalmer
I am writing today as I have feature requests that I think would quite simply make Synthesia an overall better app or program, depending on your OS.

I run macOS Monterey, and I noticed that Synthesia isn't designed to run natively on M! Macs, although it can. I don't own and M1 Mac so I can't say anything on that, however its worth looking into.

The icon for Synthesia isn't in line with the design style of macOS. I have attached two icons, the one with more rounded corners and a smaller size is the newer icon, although this needs refining and is purely just for illustration purposes. Should you wish I will redesign an icon, I am more than happy to. It doesn't look proper against all the other beautiful icons on new macOS.

I tried using a MIDI keyboard with Synthesia, while impressive, I was a bit disappointed. When trying to play the song when I press the correct note, it treats the first key on the keyboard as the first key on a full size keyboard even if you are not using a full size MIDI keyboard, this means you can't treat the keys on your keyboard like a section of a full size keyboard which would be a lot better as it would mean you could practice songs that were only needing a certain number of keys and not just songs that work on the first keys from the left of your keyboard. The only workaround I can imagine would be if you remade the midi file.

Additionally, if I'm holding down notes, and then press other notes on one line, the son will not continue until I stop pressing those notes. This is incredibly frustrating and teaches you the song wrong, defeating the purpose.

For now, these are things I truly wish someone would hear me out regarding, Synthesia is a wonderful program and I've been using it for years and would much appreciate these fixes. I will be more than happy to help should I possess the skills necessary to.

Thanks so much


Posted: 01-25-22 7:36 am
by levidecalmer
I have since found that the issues I was having with MIDI was the keyboard I was using, that all works fine, my other issues are still neccessary however.

Posted: 01-25-22 11:54 pm
by levidecalmer
So.. I figured that it runs on M1! and the only issue I still have is the icon, which can be easily changed