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Post by wacher »

I would like to modify UI layout but the unaltered, just downloaded ui.xml seems unusable.
2018-06-22_181906.png (6.51 KiB) Viewed 11829 times
When I modified the file according to error message, Synthesia just crashed.
I wanna add a large space between |< >| and +/-, i think (and experience) that there are too close if you use touch device.
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Post by Nicholas »

Ah, sorry! You were the "lucky" first person to find the bug in some of the newer work in my build automation. I was making it a little easier to package things up for checking crash reports and it turns out the new script moves the files someplace else now before trying to upload them (from the location they are no longer in).

The actually-latest versions are up in the pink box now. You were missing quite a few more changes than just that numeric label; that automatic upload has been broken for three previews now!

Regarding your mod, head down to around line 895 (in the updated version of ui.xml) and you should be able to sprinkle a few of these around every other line or so:

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<ui type="spacer" size="20, 10" />
Out of curiosity, do you use Synthesia on Android? As a compromise for smaller-screened devices there, we scale things down a bit. I agree that it's hard to tap things accurately there. I'm hoping we'll get a chance to tackle small-screen support a little better along with the portrait orientation feature coming in a couple previews after 10.5 goes out the door.
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Post by wacher »

Hi Nicholas,

Thank you for your help.
I use Synthesia on Windows10 with 19" touch monitor.
This is a desktop config with multiple monitor, one of the monitors is a touchscreen, this one is installed above my piano and I don't use mouse and keyboard for playing with Synthesia.
Your suggested spacer is excellent, it does exactly what I want, thx!
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Post by Nicholas »

Another solution in the case of a desktop/touchscreen situation is to increase the window scale a bit:
  1. Hold your Shift key while launching Synthesia.
  2. Find the "Graphics.ScaleOverride".
  3. Type "1.5" in the box (without the quotes).
That will make everything uniformly larger, which often makes it easier to tap things. If that's not enough, "2.0" makes things very large with nice, crisp graphics.

(While you're in there, you may want to enable "System.TouchscreenMode" to drop the dark gray when using the virtual piano.)
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