Synthesia & Native Instruments KONTROL S Compatibility

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Postby LeviLavel » 07-25-16 4:49 am

Hi Guys :)

I wanted to see what you guys think about having synthesia work with Native Instruments KONTROL S Keyboards, They even go upto 88keys which is nice for proper piano play. And the other great thing about this keyboard is its key light feature, I noticed Synthesia supports Key light so this might be easy to implement
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Postby kiwi » 07-25-16 7:52 am

I think Synthesia already works with Synthesia and yes kontrol is a perfect partner for Synthesia.
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Postby Nicholas » 07-25-16 1:44 pm

We talked with Native Instruments a few times and so far they've concluded that integrating their multi-colored lights with Synthesia is impossible today. They've added it to their development backlog to expose the lights for apps outside their own ecosystem, but it doesn't exist yet.

That said, single-color lights work just fine with the S keyboards today.
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Postby LeviLavel » 07-26-16 5:28 am

:D Awesome
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Postby aquaboy » 02-15-17 8:17 am

Check out my video!
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