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Postby rmullen » 12-09-16 2:21 pm

I'm able to change the background color by changing the value of "screenBackground" in the colors.xml file, but I was wondering if it is possible to change the transparency of the color as well. I tried adding a fourth rgb value for alpha, to no avail.

I would also like to remove the vertical lines that appear between B,C and E,F. I've looked through the ui.xml file for these elements but I can't find them. Any help would be appreciated!
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Postby Nicholas » 12-10-16 10:41 pm

When you say background transparency, do you mean you'd like to have the windows/desktop behind the Synthesia window appear through it? Synthesia can't do that today. (Out of curiosity, what did you want to put behind it? Just a static image? You can set background images with the Synthesia Metadata Editor.)

Otherwise, you can get rid of the lines by changing the alpha for "fallingNoteGuide" and "fallingNoteGuideAlt" colors in colors.xml. (Looking at the code, the lowest it can go is alpha=10 (out of 255), but that should be nearly invisible. Especially if you change the RGB to match the background color.)
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Postby rmullen » 12-12-16 1:38 am

Thank you for your reply, I was able to eliminate the falling note guides.

I don't want to see through Synthesia to the desktop, just display a background image. However, when I import a background image it is obscured by a colored overlay which I am not able to disable. Here is the image I am trying to place behind the notes:


And here it is in Synthesia:

As you can see, I'm losing some of my contrast due to the overlay layer, "screenBackground" in colors.xml

Anyway, the purpose of the overlay is to use Synthesia in concert with Ut Piano, and alternative notations system that uses a similarly colored staff. You can see examples of sheet music at
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Postby Nicholas » 12-12-16 1:41 am

You can bump the alpha back up to full by opening the configuration window (hold your Shift key while launching Synthesia) and changing the "Gameplay.BackgroundImageAlpha" to 255.
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Postby rmullen » 12-12-16 6:48 am

That did it! Thank you!
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Postby TonE » 12-18-17 9:08 am

rmullen great idea, did you share your file anywhere? Would be cool for testing it.
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