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Post by Nicholas » 01-15-17 5:23 pm

Adding additional user-interface languages to Synthesia is pretty straightforward. The language file format lacks good 3+ plural support but otherwise it's fairly flexible.

The following always match the latest development preview release from the Development Updates section of the forum.


This file controls the list of languages shown when you click the button at the lower-left on the title screen. Just copy-paste one of the existing lines edit it to suit the language you're adding. Remember the "suffix" value you set for the next file.


Rename this file "language_[suffix].xml" using the suffix you picked above. (For example, the filename for the French language is "language_fr.xml".)

Now, just edit the contents of the file and replace all of the "v" attributes with new translations. Whenever you see something like "%1%" that means a value will be inserted automatically by Synthesia. Just be sure to keep the %1% where it belongs in the new translation.

Once you're finished, place both languages.xml and your new language_xx.xml file in the Synthesia data folder. (To find the folder, hold Shift while launching the app and click "Open Data Folder".)

The next time you launch Synthesia, your language should appear in the pop-up.

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