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Visual effects?

PostPosted: 01-16-17 2:36 pm
by Pgsa
Hello, I've been browsing on YouTube for a while and I encountered this video, which got my attention

And now, I am desperately want to have that animation when pressing the note. Anyone have ideas how to achieve that?
Sorry if I am putting this in wrong section - newbie here.

Re: Visual effects?

PostPosted: 01-16-17 10:34 pm
by jimhenry
That is not an animation. That is a real performance edited together with a Synthesia playback.

Re: Visual effects?

PostPosted: 01-17-17 12:38 am
by Nicholas
Yeah, there is a lot going on there. (And it's pretty cool!)

Not only does it look like he's added some neat fluid-dynamics based particle simulation on top of Synthesia's existing spark effects, but there also appears to be some custom-timed/coordinated real-life lighting effect involved in getting the note colors to shine on his fingers (and the keys) realistically. Whatever he's doing, it took a lot of work and the results look pretty amazing.

Re: Visual effects?

PostPosted: 01-17-17 2:06 pm
by jimhenry
Being an amazing pianist doesn't hurt either.

Re: Visual effects?

PostPosted: 01-19-17 2:09 pm
by Pgsa
I understand the fact he is using the led lights, but I was hoping that the "spark" effect was achievable by some mod.

Re: Visual effects?

PostPosted: 01-19-17 11:39 pm
by Nicholas
That kind of effect is something we could consider for a future update of the Synthesia Video Creator. (I've been looking for an excuse to tinker with a Navier-Stokes simulation for the better part of two decades now!) If the simulation is fast enough to run in real-time, it might even make sense to enable it in the main Synthesia client for interactive use, too.

That said, I can't promise anything anytime soon. The upcoming Synthesia 11 release has our full attention at the moment.

Re: Visual effects?

PostPosted: 08-14-17 2:38 pm
by Ziilz
Can i edit or add some particle effect on colors.xml or ui.xml like him?

Before :
Before.PNG (38.86 KiB) Viewed 4366 times

after.PNG (27.06 KiB) Viewed 4366 times

Because i see, i can settings it in option
Capture.PNG (20.43 KiB) Viewed 4366 times

thanks. sry for my bad english.

Re: Visual effects?

PostPosted: 08-14-17 3:14 pm
by Nicholas
This is what the rest of this topic has been discussing so far.

It would be cool to have more advanced effects like the "After" you showed, but today Synthesia can't do it by itself.

Re: Visual effects?

PostPosted: 11-20-17 3:25 pm
by kiwi
Well you are limited but you can change a little the sparkkles (shape & color)

Have make it on my skin (mac only)

Re: Visual effects?

PostPosted: 06-22-18 8:26 pm
by nolanbbrewer
I am pretty sure he uses Trapcode Particular in After Effects.