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Postby awaw » 06-28-17 9:27 am

I have made a midi file with following example.

The left hand plays the note B and E and the right hand plays the note D and B.
It´s correct here.
synthesiafinger.jpg (50.11 KiB) Viewed 3927 times

But here shows the score wrong.
The score shows that the left hand plays the note B and the right hand plays the note D, E and B.
synthesiascore.jpg (39.08 KiB) Viewed 3927 times

Mayby a bug but it should be fixed in future anyway I think.
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Postby jimhenry » 06-28-17 12:17 pm

Synthesia 11 will make major improvements in the sheet music area.

However, it is not true that the two staves represent the right and left hands. Take a look at the Prelude in C that I just posted in the MIDI Club area. It includes a PDF of the published score edited by Czerny in which there are right hand notes in the bass clef and left hand notes in the treble clef. The Synthesia sheet music notation you show is almost plausible. If the left hand E was shown stem down instead of as a chord, then it would be a correct way to notate those notes. Of course, showing the E with ledger lines on the bass clef would also be correct, and probably less confusing.

I'm not really sure that the Synthesia notation as shown is wrong. Sheet music notation is primarily about showing what is going on musically, not about how to play the music. If the snippet you show is a chord progression, putting all the notes as chords on the treble clef might be better. If they are part of two contrapuntal melodies, then it is really hard to say how they should be notated without seeing more.

The real problem at the moment is that Synthesia is reconstructing the sheet music from a MIDI file. MIDI files include only the notes and the instrument they are played by. A lot of information conveyed by sheet music isn't in a MIDI file. The best sheet music display in Synthesia 11 will come from MusicXML files that do include the information to recreate the sheet music as intended by the file's author.
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Postby awaw » 06-28-17 2:24 pm

I've looked at your prelude in C. In this case the score shows right.
In fact it is a lack of settings in sythesia. I think you should develop
a settings how the score should show for the actual piece.

Synthesia is a very good program and I think that the actual piece should be shown
as the user wish. I prefer the score when I practise a piece. And of course the oppurtunity
to have a choice to have falling blocks is just a bonus.

My advise is you should fix this with the score in the future and you will have a more
professional program.
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Postby Nicholas » 06-28-17 9:17 pm

Jim is correct: Synthesia 11 will be able to support staff selection directly via the upcoming support for MusicXML files (instead of MIDI). If you notate something with 10 ledger lines below the treble staff in your editor, Synthesia 11 will show that note 10 ledger lines below the treble staff (making the appropriate room by nudging the bass staff down).
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Postby awaw » 06-29-17 2:41 am

There is one more thing you should implement to synthesia 11.
You should/must implement that a score shows an A4 paper on the screen.
Then you have everything I need :-).

Howevwe you have a made a great program and I really look forward to synthesia 11 and I hope it comes soon!
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Postby kuro1neko » 07-22-17 3:17 am

Please add organ notation and feet to hand selection as well as notation always on. I have a hard time with the falling notes and  use to notation and a cleft select on the hands and colors menu would be nice. I would like have 1 g and mutable c or even gcf cleft and so on I'ed like to see this as a main feature or a mod.
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