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Post by illz » 06-28-17 8:23 pm

I was wondering if theres a way I could use Komplete Kontrol as sound input. I read something bout IAC Drivers, I've tried something but I end up just hearing the melody and no bass line. The thing is I'm really bad at these MIDI routing kinda things, never get it working right...

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Post by Nicholas » 06-28-17 9:01 pm

Hmm, your title (and your email) mention "output" but your message mentioned using it as an "input".

As far as I can tell, the Komplete Kontrol S series are plain MIDI controllers, which means they can't make sounds on their own. (For starters they don't contain a speaker or synthesizer.)

You may be able to use the IAC driver to route Synthesia's output to some other app on your Mac that can play sound though. Do you have a favorite DAW? The easiest way to get the inputs and outputs correct is to draw a little line that goes from your hands to some device's speakers with all the steps in between. Here is one example:

(your hands) --> Komplete Kontrol --> Synthesia ---[ via the IAC driver ]---> your favorite DAW --> (speakers)

Now you just have to look at the arrows. The arrow from your keyboard to Synthesia is point "into" Synthesia, so from Synthesia's point of view, it's an input. You can go along the line and just read off the thing to the left (input) and right (output) for each entry.

So, inside Synthesia, your input will be your keyboard and the output will be the IAC driver. Then, inside your favorite DAW, your input will be the IAC driver (NOT your keyboard!) and the output will be whichever synths/plugins you like best.

Hopefully that helps!

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Post by illz » 06-29-17 3:57 pm

First of all thanks for the quick response, aaand thats exactly what I did but maybe I just havent figured out yet how to setup the IAC driver, do I just tick it "online" and its all good? Because if I let a song play in Synthesia it just gives me the right track, I cant hear the bassline/chords, just the melody...

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Post by Nicholas » 06-30-17 12:19 am

Yep, it's just the check mark.

It sounds like you've actually got the whole connection chain set up correctly. (If you can hear anything at all, it's all correct.)

The last step is just to configure your DAW so that it handles all the input it's receiving from Synthesia. On the screen inside Synthesia just before the song plays, click the "Hands, Colors, and Instruments" button. That should show you a list of all the parts in the song. Notice that each of the boxes mentions a channel number. Those are the channels you'll need to set up in your DAW to receive input on. (It's a bit of extra work to follow the listing on Synthesia's screen and duplicate it in your DAW, but the extra quality is often worth it!)

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Post by illz » 07-12-17 11:28 am

EDIT: And now it's back to working, I hope it stays like this. Using Synthesia as VST would be a really really nice thing... :)

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Post by anykey » 09-21-17 5:30 am

I just wrote a simple program to use Synthesia with Komplete Kontrol, check it out:

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Post by RichardDig » 03-03-18 5:50 am

i want use -/10 output with mad44. but i dont know how can i convert negative decimal value to hexedecimal or BCD value. can anybody help me.

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