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Post by johnvon » 01-22-18 4:53 pm

Hello there, a message for Nicholas here -- I've been working to introduce Synthesia as a supplementary tool at the music school I work at, and one of our administrators has asked if it would be possible to create a custom version for our institution with a number of small changes.

We're mostly interested in getting some different metrics about student performance, I can give more details if necessary, but first I thought I would just post and see if something like this would be possible?

Please let me know either way thanks!

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Post by Nicholas » 01-24-18 1:38 am

Well, we've done a little custom work in the past. I am much more amenable to features that can be used by a wider audience than, say, something district-specific that can only be used in a single classroom.

The bigger question is that of available development resources. If the scope of your features are very small, they might be something we can sneak into a release relatively soon. Anything large scale would have to wait until an opening in the (rather tight) development schedule.

All of that said, features to aid instructors with managing and tracking students is something we've wanted to do for a while. Not being in a classroom environment ourselves, we like to hear feedback from teachers about what would be the most helpful. So far it's been surprising what a wide variety of different situations we've heard about. (I don't envy your challenge of trying to integrate technology in the classroom!)

In any event, I'd love to hear what you had in mind. :)

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