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Custom colour themes

Posted: 09-18-18 8:56 am
by Chompy
I know you can make custom colour themes in the computer versions of Synthesia by altering the colors.xml, but in mobile versions of Synthesia, no such option exists, so it would be nice if there could be RGBA sliders or wheel for notes and the GUI/UI and have RGB slider/wheel for the interface, I know I mentioned it before, but this could be added to the game to encourage a bit of creativity with the themes. And this would be fun for kids to use, and people like me who love colour.

Re: Custom colour themes

Posted: 09-20-18 11:01 am
by Nicholas
Adding a hue slider to a special "any color" theme wouldn't be hard. We added support (in the xml files) for variables a number of years ago for exactly this purpose. I'll see what I can do. :)