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Posted: 10-22-18 1:45 pm
by GeorgeProfenza
Is there any scripting support for Synthesia ?

Would would be the easiest way to programmatically trigger it to go into Free Play or Play a Song ?
On OSX I can try Apple Script maybe ?
I was wondering if there are any other options (some scripting language, command line arguments, etc.)

Thank you,

Posted: 11-08-18 2:58 am
by Nicholas
Sorry for the wait on this!

There are a number of command-line options available in the Windows version of Synthesia. I'm embarrassed to admit: I've never found a great way to get command-line input into a macOS app, so I have it disabled on that side for now.

Otherwise, the closest the app has to scripting is shimmying UI elements (and colors) around, as described in the Modding section of the forum.

I'm not super familiar with Apple Script, but if it's got the kind of capabilities you can find in something like AutoHotkey (e.g., sending mouse clicks to arbitrary window coordinates) you should be able to do some useful things. Ideally we should have much richer support for keyboard navigation built into the app. Sorry!