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Posted: 12-21-18 7:19 pm
by gpaper
I'm interested in the animated background in this video:

Is this something that a mod can do, or is this post-production? If it is post-production, any idea how I could recreate it?

Posted: 12-21-18 11:59 pm
by Nicholas
That's definitely post-production. Our Video Creator app can add a still image to the background (and video backgrounds are on the to-do list), so anyone that's doing it now is doing it with video editing software afterward.

I'd imagine for the glow at the top of the screen when the notes enter, they're just using some gradient mask with an over-exposure style of effect. For the moving dots in the background, there are some decent motion graphics tutorials out there that show how to do that sort of thing. Once they've got the animation, they're probably just placing it on top using something like Overlay or Screen as the blending mode on that layer.