Let Synthesia control NI Komplete Kontrol lights

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Post by JohnWerner »

Building on the work of ojacques and anykey, I've created a GUI app that allows Synthesia to control the lights of NI Komplete Kontrol keyboards.

There is a Windows 64-bit release in the .zip file located here

The information on usage, along with the code, is available here

The release may run on Windows 32-bit as well, but I don't have a computer to test it on.

Unfortunately I don't have a Mac release at this time. I just started a new job and was issued a MacBook Pro, so I may be able to create one in the future. (I'm a little hesitant to use my work computer for this kind of development though. And as I understand from other developers, there may be an issue with the Python USB drivers for MacOS that would make this difficult.)

The app should work with all MK1 and MK2 versions, but it has only been tested on a KK S61 MK1. If you run into any issues on other models, let me know and I will have a fix as soon as possible.

I could use the help of any MK2 users that are interested. The way the colors of the lights are controlled differ between the MK1 and MK2 models. While the MK1 models use RGB values to define colors, the MK2 models use a set palette. I have attempted to map this palette but it may not be correct. You can map the palette yourself from within the app if it is necessary. The details on how this is done are in the readme on github. If it is necessary to remap the palette, please send me the created PaletteMap.ini file so I can update the code and app.

Here's a short video of the app in use:

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Post by rawbar »

Brilliant!!! Thank you!! Just got this working for my son last night. He has been missing Synthesia since we swapped out his yamaha for an s88 mk1.
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