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Changing size of vertical lines

Posted: 09-11-19 4:01 pm
by rovley

is there a way to change the size of the vertical ''fallingNoteGuide'' lines that appear between B,C and E,F? The goal is to make them thicker or thinner. Also for the horizonzal line above the ''keyboard felt''. I'm able to change the colors in colors.xml but that obviously has no effect on the size, and I can't find anything in ui.xml for that matter.

Please let me know, thanks!

Re: Changing size of vertical lines

Posted: 09-19-19 12:35 am
by Nicholas
Sorry, for now the guide thickness is fixed at 2 pixels wide.

A sort of "style editor" that would let you manipulate these sorts of things has been an idea on the back-burner for years, but it hasn't moved up on the list in some time.

Out of curiosity, why were you hoping to change the thickness of the lines?