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GetSF2 v1.0.0r001
With this tool you can download BASSMIDI, some SF2 decompressors and some good SoundFonts

- The batchfile is designed to support Vista and 7.

Please note I don't maintain this project anymore until somewhere later I restart this project (colliding it with AltSynn and SynDOSCFG)
Supports Windows XP/Vista/7. It's a batchfile, doubleclick it to open. The zipfile contains wget.exe as well, keep it in the same directory as the batchfile. Don't mess with the batchfile unless you know what you're running.
(388.12 KiB) Downloaded 296 times
Latest dev-status:
- Initial Release uploaded

Upcoming features:
- More stuff

I've tested it on Windows 7 and it worked, please check if it works on your computer and tell. Suggestions and ideas are welcome. For source, just open the batchfile in Notepad or any other texteditor. Please keep in mind I don't own wget, but I am allowed to use it and publish it non-commercially as long as I don't modify it. More copyright info of wget
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Aria u are really a script lover XD
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