Synthesia don't show my LINE6 Mobilekeys49

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Postby dbrast » 10-13-17 6:53 am


Please , could you help me to fixe this pb ?

I have a midi interface line6 mobilekeys connected to my windows 7 , but synthesia don't reconise it.

( please see the attachement files )

Thank's for your help.

image a2.jpg
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image a1.jpg
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Postby Nicholas » 10-15-17 8:51 pm

Like I mentioned in my email reply, I suspect this is a situation where Windows isn't recognizing the keyboard correctly. (Perhaps a different USB port might improve things? If you've got it plugged into a blue USB 3.0 port, maybe try a black USB 2.0 port instead. We've heard from some users that -- despite the standard supposedly being backward compatible -- this sometimes fixes problems of this kind.)
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