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Post by espriella »

Is there currently a way to force the right hand notes to appear on the treble clef, and the left hand notes on the bass clef, and not get automatically split for the "sheet" view?

Or will this only be possible on the future version 11?

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Post by Nicholas »

Better (well, "correct") staff selection will definitely be in by Synthesia 11 and maybe a little sooner. It's in the grab bag of sheet music improvements that we choose one per major 10.x update.
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Post by hoopergreg2 »

Hi Nicholas,
I'm really pleased to hear about updates to music notation. I'm a former member of the freelance product team at Yousician and am excited to be using Synthesia to create my own teaching method for very young children with their parents. Another on my wish list for the presentation of standard notation would be correct presentation of synchopated rhythms with ties - for example, correctly tying rhythms that go over the middle of the bar and also using ties over barlines. I'd be more than happy to offer help or advice on music theory if required.

Looking forward to version 11!
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Post by Nicholas »

Welcome to the forums! (Sorry for the wait.)

Ties for notes that span measures will be in by/before Synthesia 11 for all song formats.

Ties for syncopated rhythms will be possible using songs in the MusicXML format, also by Synthesia 11. As long as it's notated how you want it in the MusicXML file, it should display the same in Synthesia.
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