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Posted: 11-12-20 11:42 am
by pcm2a
I want to report a bug that occurs on both android and iOS. I have included a midi file so anyone can test out the issue. Also included is the musecore sheet music that was used to create the midi. I sent this also to Synthesia support but so far they are radio silent.

Issue: When playing left hand (bass clef) or both hands the octave is shifted up by one for all of the notes. If playing just the right hand (treble clef) then everything is fine. This leads me to believe there is something wrong with the notes on the bass clef causing this issue, but I am unsure how to fix it.

Steps to reproduce:

1. Play the right hand only
2. Notice that the notes are correct
3. Play the left hand only
4. Notice that the notes fall one octave higher than they should
5. Play both hands
6. Notice that the notes for both hands fall one octave higher than they should

Posted: 11-12-20 2:01 pm
by Nicholas
If you disable Settings --> Gameplay --> Automatic Keyboard Octave, does the problem still happen?

Posted: 11-13-20 8:16 am
by pcm2a
Wowzers, that did the trick! What does Automatic Keyboard Octave do exactly? If I had to guess it is a way to play a piece that needs 88 keys on a 76 key keyboard or 76 keys on a 61 keyboard? Thanks again.

Posted: 11-13-20 3:06 pm
by Nicholas
That's exactly correct.

You can normally shift your input octave with the Z and X keys on your (typing) keyboard, but that option make Synthesia choose the input octave that will let you hit the most notes for the selected part. For small input devices (especially the really tiny MIDI controllers with only 49 or 37 keys) it can save a lot of manual work. That said, sometimes it can feel a little counterintuitive, like you experienced.