MIDI Output Selection Granularity

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Post by mklopfer »

I am using a 32 key Casio SX-5 with a HighlyLiquid UMR2 to provide MIDI capability for this matrixed keyboard -- with the addition it is a single voice, setup-programmed single MIDI channel capable.

I have several pieces with accompaniment, I would love to practice the harmony and melody (Right Hand and Left Hand parts) separately.

Is there a way to send just one defined part/hand (i.e. the green part or blue part) to the keyboard and mute all others on this particular Midi Output as an option? I can then have it play the accompaniment on the built-in MIDI Synthesizer with background instruments and percussion by just leaving all options on for this MIDI output.
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Post by Nicholas »

You can sort of get there by using the "My Notes" vs. "Background Notes" distinction (after picking those devices from the Music Output list on the Settings screen). That assumes the single channel you want to send happens to be the one you're playing.

Otherwise, there isn't an easy way to do much more. (If you're on Windows, using a virtual loopback driver like LoopBe1 or loopMIDI along with the powerful MIDI-OX utility, you can accomplish some pretty intricate channel routing.)
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