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Posted: 11-27-20 3:32 pm
by danklim
Hi, is there any way to use Synthesia with the Roli Lumi (or any other similar keyboards that light up)?

I would like to be able to use Synthesia with a couple of Lumi's attached to each other and make it so that the keys light up according to the notes in the MIDI file. It would be helpful to be able to do this so that I can easily hit the keys that are lighting up instead of (or in addition) to needing to look at the screen to see the keys that I need to hit in the Synthesia app window.


Posted: 11-28-20 2:36 pm
by tsaylor
I use the Yamaha EZ-220 from the "Our Favorite Keyboards" section of Synthesia's main site. It has light up keys which do the job nicely, and in practice modes they will remain lit until you hit the correct key. I find it very helpful for learning. Presumably some other light up keyboards would work as well but I've only tried this one.

The Roli looks very interesting but they seem to have gone with their own software infrastructure. Not sure if it has midi compatibility with other apps such as Synthesia.

Posted: 03-08-21 10:15 am
by Someone_764
Thumbs up for this. I would love to have the lumi key lighting functionality work seamless with synthesia.