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Posted: 02-24-21 11:34 pm
by CloverFoxxo
I'm trying to enable key velocity in Synthesia but nothing seems to work. I've heard people say to change the "Note Loudness" setting to "Match Your Input" but that didn't work for me. No matter how softly or hard I press the keys they stay the same volume. Does Synthesia just not have velocity compatibility? Any help is appreciated :3

Posted: 02-24-21 11:37 pm
by CloverFoxxo
I have a M-Audio Keystation 88es, I've already tested if my keyboard has velocity with other apps like Musescore and such, but I would absolutely love if I could get it to work in Synthesia

Posted: 02-25-21 12:13 am
by Nicholas
Hmm, usually the "Match My Input" setting that you already tried is all it takes to get it working.

As a double-check, are you able to get any variation in sensitivity on the Free Play screen? On that screen, all Synthesia has to go by is your own input, so it always uses the incoming velocity from the MIDI device directly.

Posted: 02-25-21 12:20 am
by CloverFoxxo
Nope, no variation in either free play or when playing songs. Could it maybe be the version I'm running? Im currently on 10.6.5425, and I've seen that 10.7 has come out but idk how to update lol

Posted: 02-25-21 2:31 pm
by Nicholas
If it's not working on the Free Play screen (where there is no way to disable it), I would double-check that the velocity sensitivity is set to your preferred setting right on the Keystation. There is usually a button (or combination of buttons) to cycle through a few levels of sensitivity.

While you're on the Free Play screen, does switching between those modes right on the MIDI controller cause anything to change?

(I don't suspect 10.7 will behave any differently, but, to update just download the app again and install it right on top of the old version.)