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Posted: 03-29-21 1:20 am
by Anon55112
I recently purchased SynthesiaGame this weekend, and am having trouble with the recording process. When I press Free Play mode I can play notes and use the sustain function just fine, but when I start recording my playing with the sustain function, the audio is recorded with no sustain. I do not understand why the sustain function does not make any appearance when listening to the recording.

Help,tips, or tricks to solve this problem will be very appreciated! :D .

Posted: 03-29-21 3:41 pm
by Nicholas
Sorry, this is a limitation of the initial version of the recording feature. (I kept it very simple--notes only--in order to get it out the door.) I'm hoping to expand it to track at least pedals at some point.

Posted: 04-01-21 1:15 am
by Anon55112
Ok, great to know. Thx so much for responding!