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Post by Rumsey »

Good afternoon,
I am using a Roland Juno keyboard. I am playing the attached piece but have a problem, the notes clash sometimes for the 2 parts I am playing, channel 4 (right hand) and channel 6 (left hand). What I would like to do is to be able to play the Rock Organ (ch 4) an octave higher, BUT I need it to sound in the original pitch. Is this possible?
Simon :o
Soul Limbo 7 low org.mid
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Post by Nicholas »

Hmm, that's an interesting use case. Although, I'm having trouble thinking of any workaround (no matter how convoluted).

It might not be so bad to just shift the left hand down by one octave in some MIDI editor and... just let it sound an octave lower. That would be an easy fix and might not be as jarring to listen to as you might expect. (I've done similar a few times in the past and was surprised to find the song mostly unchanged for it.)
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Post by jimhenry »

Could you send the MIDI Out from Synthesia to MIDI-OX and do the octave shifting in MIDI-OX before sending the resulting MIDI to the synthesizer?
Jim Henry
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Post by Nicholas »

I guess since the hands are being played on separate MIDI channels, you could have MIDI-OX only perform that transformation to one of them.

What an inconvenient, one-off setup! But I think you're right, Jim. That is probably, technically a workaround. :lol:
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