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Posted: 04-06-21 2:51 pm
by Luna
Hi there,

We had a RockJam keyboard for my daughter which worked for a while then stopped working with Synthesia altogether (we are guessing that RockJam may be the issue). My daughter has an iPad and it has never worked with it either, even though we have gotten the correct gear.

Which low end synths have you tried that HAVE worked?

We're looking at a TENB, but don't know.

Thanks in advance,

Christine and Luna

Posted: 04-09-21 4:49 am
by Nicholas
Hmm, I hadn't heard of RockJam since your first email and I've never heard of TENB until just now.

If I had to make a recommendation, it would be from a manufacturer that has been doing this as one of their core competencies for ten or more years. Names like Casio, Yamaha, and Roland come to mind. Those first two each have a whole lineup of entry-level digital pianos that are great (and have been working with Synthesia for approaching two decades now).

Posted: 05-23-21 11:18 pm
by Luna
We have a Casio now, but it still isn't connecting with her iPad. We've purchased the correct gear. Any suggestions?