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Posted: 07-19-21 7:28 am
by allanh
I'm having a problem getting the software to launch. I know there is a way to bring up a configuration menu before launching (like holding down shift or control or something when clicking the icon) but I can't remember how. Any help would be appreciated.

Posted: 07-19-21 1:22 pm
by Nicholas
It's Shift. As long as you're holding Shift when the app launches you should see the configuration window.

Which setting are you looking for?

Posted: 07-21-21 6:19 am
by allanh
Every now and then the bluetooth midi freaks out and the program won't launch untill I turn it off and reenable it. I figured I might be able to do that in the admin menu.

Posted: 07-21-21 10:43 am
by Nicholas
Is that happening in the Windows version? We don't hear from many Bluetooth keyboard users on Windows.

Since Microsoft added it in Windows 10 a few years ago, it's been kind of a buggy mess. I've been in contact with that team at Microsoft (and was even able to send along a few crash reports so they could track down some of the problems), but my understanding is that it's never been totally fixed to work as smoothly as a wired connection. Sorry!