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Post by Nightwing » is a great site. If you find a song you like you can download it, make sure it's the "For Musical Performance MIDI" and if it's in two clefts it seperates them to two separate hands :D. ... 6c1f5d6d3d

Right now that's my favorite song. But check it out guys, if you can't find a song just write it yourself then export it. It's that simple.

I wanna ask anyone that makes their own song please share and post it! I love to hear music other people has made!
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Post by Nicholas »

That's super cool.

That's a neat piece, too.

(Also, I see what the difference is between the two MIDI export modes. One preserves dynamics and whatnot. The other fills out all the note durations so it imports better. The "for musical performance" throws my sheet music generator for a loop. The "for import in another program" generates beautiful sheet music. hehe.)
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Post by Nightwing »

I wanna hear other people's creations :D
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